ACM WiSec 2018 Replicability Committee

  • Guevara Noubir, Northeastern University (co-Chair)
  • Panos Papadimitratos, KTH (co-Chair)
  • Hongyu Jin, KTH
  • Mohammad Khodaei, KTH
  • Paul Patras, University of Edinburgh
  • Aanjhan Ranganathan, ETHZ

ACM WiSec 2018 Papers

  • Why is My Magnetometer Telling You Where I've Been?: A Mobile Device Permissionless Location AttackPaper VM
    Kenneth Block, Guevara Noubir (Northeastern University)
  • SCAnDroid - Automated Side-Channel Analysis of Android APIs Paper VM
    Raphael Spreitzer, Gerald Palfinger, Stefan Mangard (Graz University of Technology)
  • Efficient, Scalable, and Resilient Vehicle-Centric Certificate Revocation List Distribution in VANETsPaper VM README
    Mohammad Khodaei, Panos Papadimitratos (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)
  • Towards Inferring Mechanical Lock Combinations using Wrist-Wearables as a Side-ChannelPaper VM README
    Anindya Maiti, Ryan Heard, Mohd Sabra (Wichita State University); Murtuza Jadliwala (University of Texas at San Antonio)